Storied History of the "Phoenix Block" in Mishawaka, IN

S.W. Corner or Lincolnway and Main in Beautiful Downtown Mishawaka!

Illustration of Pheonix Block in Mishawaka 1865

Historic Photo: St Joseph County Atlas, 1873

The story of the Phoenix (the bird, not restaurant) sounds pretty: every century it enters the flames to rise again from its ashes in a new form. What the story doesn't tell you is that immediately afterward, the Phoenix has to take a nice long soak in the tub, because it's covered with soot.

Located right on the corner of the two main streets in downtown Mishawaka, The Phoenix rose again some years back, soaring to new heights - bringing great food, a casual atmosphere; and, excellent entertainment.

The bar and grill are squeaky clean and waiting to bring you tasty satisfaction. Check out our schedule of bands, parties, and brouhahas - there's always something going on at the Phoenix!